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INFGA Winter Meeting


Sunday, December 6, 2020


Fitness Farm, 2525 West  44th. Street , Indianapolis, IN 46228

We gather at 12:30 pm.  There will NOT be lunch this time due to COVID.  Please bring your down beverage if you want one.

Those unable to attend in person can still take part in the meeting via ZOOM or by dialing in by phone.  Details are in the Winter 2020 Kernel.

With COVID, a few gentle reminders that were posted in the last Hoosier Kernel with respect to this meeting:

1. Please do not attend this meeting if you feel sick, have a temperature, have been exposed to a COVID positive person recently, or consider yourself in a high-risk group due to age or preexisting medical conditions.

2. Bathrooms will be available and we will ask each person to use the restrooms one at a time and spray disinfectant after washing their hands on the counter and faucet and toilet handle.

3. We will have our PA system to amplify all speakers and during the business meeting to help facilitate social distancing (6-feet apart except for families).

4. Please wear face masks/coverings and adhere to the CDC guidelines.

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