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INFGA Experts and Committees

Apples & Pears        Phil Foster       260-504-6307     rousbywuff

Black Walnut          Bill Deeter       574-780-3449     billandsaradeeter

Brambles              Kay Grimm         317-408-0325     kaygrmm

Butternut             Bill Deeter       574-780-3449     billandsaradeeter

Chestnut              Bill Deeter       574-780-3449     billandsaradeeter

Heartnut              Mick Perry        574-946-3553     mickperry3553

Hazelnut              Phil O'Connnor    812-331-1697     poconnor

Hican                 Fred Blankenship  270-272-7670         (none available)

Pawpaw                                                   infgainfo

Pecan                 Fred Blankenship  270-272-7670         (none available)

Persian Walnut        Phil O'Connner    812-331-1697     poconnor

Persimmon                                                infgainfo

Prunus                Thomas Werner     765-589-8733         (none available)

Rare Fruit            Kay Grimm         317-408-0325     kaygrmm

Jerry Lehman Grafting INFGA - Summer 18.
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Become a Member for $10 a year to keep up on what varieties grow well in Indiana, to receive The Hoosier Kernel four times a year and to interact with other fruit nut enthusiasts. 


INFGA is a great place to ask for help, provide help, learn how to graft, to exchange scionwood, and more. 

Jerry Lehman demonstrating a grafting technique

Summer 2018 / Columbus INFGA meeting

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